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Useful Information

Dogs & Puppies - Useful Information

Useful Information, Hints & Tips for Dog Owners

We've gathered some useful information here for customers who own or are considering owning a dog/puppy.  As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

About Dogs

For hundreds of years dogs have been mans domestic and working companion. Developed from wild species there are numerous breeds varying from miniature to large all having a variety of attributes. Farm working dogs, gun dogs, police dogs, forces dogs, security dogs and guide dogs, the majority however, being the family pet. 

At Pets Plus we believe that puppies should only be obtained from reliable breeders, where the puppy can be viewed in its own environment. Some puppies may need to be seen by a vet to check health and structure.
Puppies need to be wormed from an early stage, this should be done by the breeder. Round Worm infection naturally occurs from the dam in the uterus and when the puppy ingests milk which contain eggs. The eggs hatch in the puppies stomach and develop into white worms about 4" long, they need to be eradicated by two weekly treatments until 12 weeks old and then monthly until 6 months old. Tape worm is also a possibility usually synonymous with fleas (see section on fleas within Medicines). Pets Plus supply veterinary strength wormers and flea products in spot on, syrup or tablet form all at Pets Plus great prices.
Puppies can be reared on conventional meats, biscuits and supplements or a suitable good quality completely balanced puppy food which can be replaced by an adult complete food at the appropriate time. 

Pets Plus now stock Baileys Dog Food which is our own brand Super Premium Dog Foods, supplied direct form Europes largest own label pet food manufacturer based in the UK. The savings by buying direct are passed on to you and we have additional offers to provide great value.

We also stock Burns, (formulated by veterinary surgeons, has no additives) Orijen, (Winner of best pet food of the year award, contains only natural products, meat, fish, fruit and vegetables), James Wellbeloved (Hypo-allergenic and contains no additives) Natural Instinct and ACANA.

Medical Information & Illness

A dog should show the same demeanor day to day, if any of the following occur seek advice from someone that you have trust in or a veterinary surgeon:
  • A dog with normal appetite refuses to eat
  • An active dog becomes lethargic
  • A dog continuously vomits.
  • A dogs motions are loose or has diarrhea
  • There is loss of blood                      
  • A dog does not want to move        
  • A dog is unconscious   
  • A dog is having a fit or seizure.

Dogs Needs and Care
  • Water - Constant supply of clean water                                                   
  • Food - One or two meals per day are suitable for most dogs.             
  • Exercise - All dogs need exercise, take to a place where they can safely run free.                   
  • The Pack - All dogs needs to know that he feels part of the pack.                                           
  • Leadership - A dog knows that there will be a pack leader it should not be the dog                   
  • Company and Affection - Dogs need company and affection without being excessive.    

Responsibility of Ownership
Register your puppy or dog with a veterinary practice. Feed the dog regularly with a nutritionally balanced diet. Feed the dog from a bowl not your own plate. Provide a bed. When grooming or stroking, check for burrs, ticks, fleas and lumps. Regularly clean and groom your dog, ensure that its coat does not become matted. Bath only when necessary. Ensure control at all times, do not let it be a nuisance. Take care where livestock, horses and wild animals are present, keep on a short lead. A dog should not be allowed out alone. Do not allow your dog to foul inappropriately, always clean up if fouling occurs. Barking may be a nuisance to others. Do not allow your dog to enter hygienically controlled areas. When away or on holiday don't leave your dog unattended. Persons caring for your dog should know your vets and wardens telephone number. Talk to your vet about neutering to avoid unwanted puppies or about breeding. Dogs should always wear a collar when out, with an identification tag. Not every one likes dogs and may not like even a friendly approach. Children should not be left alone with a dog and should be taught to respect dogs.
If you would like to view our range of dog and puppy products, please visit our shop or feel free to call us for advice or to check the availability of any items that you may want.
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