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Dry Dog Food

Dog Food

At Pets Plus we stock a range of food for Dogs & Puppies and have included some information below.

To view our extensive range, please visit our shop or feel free to contact us for advice or to check the availability of any items that you may want.

We look forward to seeing you soon.
We stock Baileys Grain Free Complete Dog Food containing 50% meat (as well as cat food with 60% meat and kitten food with 75% meat), and with no artificial colouring, flavourings, or additives. This dry diet food is made in the UK from human consumable meats and fish.

Our own brand Super Premium Complete Dog Foods are supplied direct form Europe's largest own label pet food manufacturer based in the UK. The savings by buying direct are passed on to you. Baileys Super Premium Dog Foods with Omega 3 and 6 are constructed without artificial colours, additives and flavours. 
Flavours include:
  • Turkey
  • Lamb
  • Salmon and Trout
  • Pork
  • Duck

Visit the store for further information about this great food and to find out more about our really low prices.

Carnilove is a Grain Free Complete Dry Food for dogs which has been developed according to the diet of dogs prior to the advent of agriculture. The wide spectrum of carefully selected wild-origin meats, such as reindeer, duck, pheasant, turkey, adult lamb, wild boar and puppy salmon, corresponds to the composition of natural prey and ensures intake of important amino acids. We stock both 1.5kg and 12kg bags.

ORIJEN's Biologically Appropriate concept is simple: include the fresh, whole foods that nature intended cats and dogs to eat, and exclude ingredients like cereal grains that your dog or cat is not evolved to eat. High-protein, low-carbohydrate and grain-free, ORIJEN diets feature farm-fresh ingredients in a Biologically Appropriate ratio of 80 percent meat, 20 percent fruit and vegetables, and zero grain (80.20). 

ACANA is produced in Alberta Canada by Champion Petfoods. Unlike the marketing companies and multinationals that sell, but don't actually make, today's pet foods Champion Petfoods is a family-owned and operated pet food producer with a 25 year tradition of quality and a mission that's simple and clear: To produce Biologically Appropriate Pet Foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients. 

Burns pet food uses whole grains and high quality animal proteins. This makes the foods highly digestible meaning that feeding amounts are comparatively low and that the daily feeding cost is equally economical. Their versatile product range can provide feeding solutions for dogs of all breeds, types and ages. Burns Real Food can also be used as an economical alternative to many Veterinary & Prescription Diets.

James Wellbeloved complete dog foods specially selected wholesome ingredients make them naturally healthy, completely satisfying and very tasty for your dog. With no beef or pork, no wheat or wheat gluten, no dairy products or egg our complete dog food is hypoallergenic and free from many of the ingredients which are renowned for causing food intolerance.

As well as our vast array of dry complete dog food, we also stock a variety of raw dog food. Click here for more details.
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