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Medicine Counter

We have a fully stocked medicine counter in the shop which includes:

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  • Conditioners 
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  • Lawn Care Products - Yellow Patch Control
NEW IN STORE - Natural flea and worming products

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General Advice regarding Fleas, Worms & Tape Worm


During the warmth and humidity of the summer months, fleas are in their element. A female flea can lay as many as 20 eggs per day and, as many as 500 during her life time (about three weeks) and the eggs are laid in upholstered furniture, pets beds and carpets. They hatch into larvae in 16 - 21 days, which take 7-10 days to mature and pupate. The adult flea emerges at a variable period of time depending on temperature, moisture etc. 

Hatching is stimulated by vibration, eg a passing pet or human being, the flea will hatch and jump onto which ever host is passing and take its first feed of blood. The bite is not noticed at the time as the flea injects a local anaesthetic into the host so the sucking of blood cannot be detected. The saliva can later cause skin irritation and itching that can become infected. They do not remain on humans.


Round worms which are 3-6" long are generally inherited from the lactating dam, eggs in the dam migrate to the uterus and mammary glands. The puppy can be infected at the stage of parturition and eggs can be ingested by the puppy from the mammary glands when taking milk and hatch inside the puppies stomach, they take two weeks to mature.

Tape Worm

Tape worm is a segmented worm which lives in the duodenum (small intestine) and can measure 20" long. It attaches itself to the mucous membrane which lines the intestine. Segments break off, each containing maturing eggs and are passed in faeces, they may also be seen in bedding or around the dogs anus, they resemble grains of rice or cucumber seeds. Fleas are an intermediate host to the tapeworm, flea larvae swallow eggs shed by the dog, these develop as the fleas matures so that the adult fleas are infectious to dogs. The dog eats the flea, the flea is digested but the tape worm larvae is resistant to digestive juices, it matures in the intestine and start the whole cycle off again.

Veterinary strength flea and worming products are available at Pet Plus at great prices. Flea products are available in tablet and "Spot On" form also as a flea collar. Round Worm and Multi Wormer are available in tablet form.

There are also sprays that will kill fleas and larvae in bedding and in the home and will protect for up to 12 months.

If you are experiencing issues or have any questions please feel free to pop into the shop or call us:

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